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Hudson Brown
Hudson Brown

How to Install and Use Netscantools Pro Version 11 27 on Windows

  • Network professionals like yourself rely on the installed version of NetScanTools Pro to solve their daily network problems. We designed NetScanTools Pro with Network Administrators, Network Engineers or Technicians or Training Instructors in mind. A powerful set of over 50 network tools in an easy to use interface.There are IPv6 enabled tools.More Information The Tools See Tool Videos Buy Now$249 for a single installed version license that includes a one year maintenance plan.

  • $348 bundled with a license of the Managed Switch Port Mapping Tool

Netscantools Pro Version 11 27


  • Network professionals on-the-go rely on the USB version of NetScanTools Pro to solve their daily network problems. The USB version is a fully portable application that resides entirely on the flash drive**. The USB version of NetScanTools Pro is designed for Network Engineers, Technicians or Security Personnel who frequently move from machine to machine. It has the same set of over 50 network tools in an easy to use interface. The difference is that you do not have to install the software**.More Information USB version The Tools See Tool Videos Buy Now$299 for a single license that includes a one year maintenance plan with the software preinstalledon a 32GB high speed USB 3/2 flash drive (USA delivery only). There is room to put your own favoriteportable applications like Wireshark or NMAP on the drive.

  • $259 for a single license that includes a one year maintenance plan - you supply the USB flash drive -recommended for non-USA purchasers). You will be installing this on your own high speed USB flash drive with tech support assistanceto fully activate it on your drive.

NetScanTools Basic Edition is a free graphical utility for the following network query commands: DNS (simple IP/hostname translation, Who Am I? (shows your computer name, IP and DNS servers)), ping, traceroute, and Whois. It runs on modern versions of Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 2003, and 2008).

NetScanTools basic is freeware and is a good tool to use when you start learning the commands for network querying and information gathering. Given the abundance of tools available only in NetScanTools Pro, you should consider installing that version and experimenting with it as well.

This chart shows switches that have been tested with the Managed Switch Port Mapping Tool by ourselves and our customers. If your switch is not listed that simply means we have not tested it or a user has not reported test results to us. The best thing you can do is try the software with your switch. This list will expand to include more switches as test results are reported to us.Report your results here. The manufacturer/model names of the switches are trademarks of their respective companies.'Yes' - this means the switch is reporting MAC addresses of attached devices. It does not necessarily mean that all possible columns are populated because different brands may report some of the information but not all.'No' - this may not be permanent. Changes to switch firmware may make that a 'yes', so try it for yourself and report to us the change and the firmware version. For old switch models 'no' is probably permanent.Data last updated April 25, 2022.

ManageEngine offers two versions of NetFlow Analyzer: Essential and Enterprise. The Essential version is a little more stripped down in terms of features, making it a more cost-effective option for smaller companies wanting a robust and effective toolset, but might not need the comprehensive and detailed monitoring systems Enterprise provides.

Table 1 shows the five different Nmap scripts for an OS fingerprinting attack. The first Nmap script is the basic OS fingerprinting command that reveals the OS fingerprint and several other details such as OS version numbers, device type and architectural information [20]. The second Nmap script offers more descriptive fingerprinting information such as OS type, device type, host script and traceroute. The third Nmap script utilises the fuzzy approach to predict the closest matched OS (in percentages) in event that it does not find exact match [15]. The fourth Nmap script is used to perform OS fingerprinting continuously for the given number of attempts to improve the accuracy of prediction. The fifth and last Nmap script is completely different from other four scripts and utilises a different signature database for matching any fingerprint. It discovers information relating to various services running on different ports such as HTTP, FTP, SMTP, SSH, Telnet and DNS. This script can be executed with different intensity from 0 to 9, where 9 is the highest intensity which improves the accuracy of prediction [17, 16]. The first four Nmap scripts use Nmap database called nmap-os-db [22], and the fifth Nmap script uses Nmap database called nmap-services [21]. For accuracy and to discount any outlier data, each Nmap script (with various sub-options) is executed 100 times to record the results in various network conditions and observe the retransmitted packet pattern.

This Metasploit module exploits a vulnerability in SonicWall Global Management System Virtual Appliance versions 8.1 (Build 8110.1197) and below. This virtual appliance can be downloaded from -gms/ and is used 'in a holistic way to manage your entire network security environment.' These vulnerable versions (8.1 Build 8110.1197 and below) do not prevent unauthenticated, external entities from making XML-RPC requests to port 21009 of the virtual app. After the XML-RPC call is made, a shell script is called like so: ' --tz="`command injection here`"' --usentp="blah"'.

Vtiger version 6.3.0 CRM's administration interface allows for the upload of a company logo. Instead of uploading an image, an attacker may choose to upload a file containing PHP code and run this code by accessing the resulting PHP file. This Metasploit module was tested against vTiger CRM version 6.3.0.


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