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Foremost, global changes in ocean oxygen result from processes that alter the solubility of oxygen in seawater. A warmer and more stratified ocean increases the solubility of O2 to match the supply of photosynthesis. The decrease in solubility and increasing concentration of dissolved O2 causes dissolved oxygen (DO) to decline throughout the water column, with the largest declines projected to occur at depth. Currently, oxygen levels are declining throughout the worlds oceans, with the fastest rates of decline at the surface, in the thermocline and in the OMZs (Figure 5.16). Moreover, the projected further decrease in oxygen levels in the southern oceans is assessed to be very likely to result from weakened ocean circulation (LeRoux et al., 2018 715 ). At the oceans surface, these weakened currents could increase the residence time of waters over continental shelves that previously had had higher circulation, thereby reducing the consumption of oxygen by microorganisms. Whereas, at the abyssal depths, there will be an increase in the import of decaying organic matter from the surface, which would result in an increase in the consumption of oxygen in deep waters. For example, at 450 m, seawater enters the OMZs through bottom-opening ventilation canals (Kameyama et al., 2004 716 ), and while it is known that oxygen levels increase in some deeper OMZs, oxygen measurements were conducted before the recovery, and so the overall rate of decline remains unknown.

Boys Before Flowers Batch With Subs 284

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