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Hudson Brown
Hudson Brown

Newsletter 6.pdf [Extra Quality]

Welcome to the MMS Community ListServ! Subscribers to this ListServ will receive periodic e-mail newsletters containing updates to Technical Expert Panels and Public Comments periods. Each newsletter will contain a new summary of a select MMS process area and/or technical development, including any updates to the MMS Blueprint. Updates are sent monthly and more frequently when time-sensitive document(s) are posted.

Newsletter 6.pdf

EPA periodically publishes a newsletter providing National QA program updates and other ambient air monitoring QA related news. Copies of the current and past newsletters can be found below. This spreadsheet has an index of QA newsletters by topic (xlsx) to help find articles or topics of interest.

VegEdge is the award-winning newsletter produced by the Cornell Vegetable Program. It provides readers with information on upcoming meetings, pesticide updates, pest management strategies, cultural practices, marketing ideas and research results from Cornell and Cornell Cooperative Extension. VegEdge is produced every few weeks, with frequency increasing leading up to and during the growing season. Twenty-five issues of VegEdge are produced each year!

VegEdge is only available to enrollees in the Cornell Vegetable Program. All Cornell Vegetable Program enrollees receive a complimentary electronic subscription to VegEdge with their enrollment. For more information, contact Angela Ochterski.If you are enrolled in the Cornell Vegetable Program, log in (black panel at top of screen) to view current issues of VegEdge newsletter. If you are not enrolled in our program, you must enroll to view current issues. Archived issues of VegEdge (issues produced more than 6 months ago) can be found below.

IIHCC has identified better ways to improve communication, transparency, and engagement between IIHCC and those wishing to become or remain involved with the DA. A monthly newsletter is a great solution for disseminating information in a concise format that can be easily and consistently distributed to a large audience.

Your e-mailaddress will be used solely for the purposes of sending out ournewsletter. You will be able to unsubscribe at any time and therebyrevoke your consent to receive the newsletter.

In March 2022, the 'CTIS highlights' newsletter became the 'Clinical Trials highlights' newsletter. It will continue to cover CTIS but will also include topics such as the business change programme ACT EU.

The digital application dataset integration (DADI) newsletter, published four times a year, provides pharmaceutical companies and the national competent authorities in the EU updates on the progress of the DADI project. 041b061a72


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