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Easton Cooper
Easton Cooper

Chase HQ2 OST - Missions 1,2,3

A Mission (ミッション, Misshon) is a task given to the player's character. With the exception of Mega Man Zero and The Misadventures of Tron Bonne, all missions available must be cleared to progress and finish the game. The Mega Man ZX series has optional mission requests that can be done to obtain items or other rewards.

Chase HQ2 OST - Missions 1,2,3

As a transporter from Giro Express and a new member of the Guardians, Vent/Aile take several mission requests from the Guardians and the Townspeople. After receiving a request, it can be started by choosing it in any transerver, and the transporter must give a mission report in a transerver after completing the mission. The player can run only one request at a time, and must either complete or cancel it to start other. Some important missions start automatically and can't be cancelled.

Similar to Mega Man ZX, the Hunters Grey/Ashe can take mission requests, but the transerver is now only used for main missions from the game. Mission requests unrelated to the main story are done directly with the person that gave the quest. 041b061a72


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