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Hudson Brown
Hudson Brown

Subtitle Everybody Wants Some 2016

EMBRACE OF THE SERPENT A shaman in the Amazon befriends two European scientists, including one who needs a rare plant to survive. Dreamlike drama, filmed in black and white, was the first Colombian movie nominated for an Oscar for best foreign-language film. In Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese and German, with English subtitles. (Not rated; some drug use, violence)

subtitle Everybody Wants Some 2016

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GOING AWAY A teacher with a hidden past becomes involved in the lives of a boy and his mother, and secrets of both their lives are revealed. Drama in French with English subtitles. (not rated; some violence)

TAREK: [subtitles] I send my greetings and thanks to this country. I would host all the Austrian people in my house. I would even leave my house and give it to someone from Austria. The duty is on every human being to help each other in this crisis. Put religion to the side. Humanity is more important.

Robbie (Adam Scott) is a blind swimmer whose handsome looks have become an ironically crucial part of his identity. Bill (Nick Kroll) is the decidedly less sexy sibling who has always been there to point his brother in the right direction. Rose (Jenny Slate) is the woman they both trip over themselves for. Adapted from her short of the same name, Sophie Goodhart's feature debut uses one of SXSW 2016's most star-studded casts to tell a story about the bumps and bruises of of the ties that bind. If she's able to sustain the darkly comic energy that made the original so special, this will be the ruefully touching breakout film of the fest. DE

BARACK: But I think they are spectacular. And when Michelle and I came into office the biggest worry we had was is this going to be something weird thing for them and are they going to grow up with an attitude or are they going to think that everybody eats off of china and

ALEX: It doesn't make any sense. Like before I had kids I was like it looks like hell. It is hell from the outside and then when you're on the inside and all of a sudden you're just like - it's just like I don't know you know how when you're in love with somebody and everybody's like they're bad news and you're like but I love them. It's that. Like kids are definitely bad news. They are maniacal psychopathic monsters and they don't treat you well and they just take take take and they don't give you anything - 041b061a72


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